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2015 - The Art of Pruning Garden Tour: the Gardens of Bill Castellon

This was the first garden tour hosted by the APA. We featured the gardens of APA Certified Aesthetic Pruners and garden builder, Bill Castellon. These 6 gardens together are representative of the art and mechanics of traditional Japanese rock placement, garden building and aesthetic pruning. Each, in turn, differed in size, situation and scenery and the ways in which they engage the senses. 


Donna and Michael O’Kane began working with Bill Castellon 6 years ago to create this intimate Japanesque garden. The garden’s beautifully styled trees and shrubs are the work of APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner Randall Lee

The number and size of skillfully placed boulders belies the small scale of this garden. The front includes a red leaf maple as a focal point and a small “grove” of green maples to the side of the driveway.  In the back garden, mounded planting beds and rockwork together create depth to allow a small space to feel larger.  This garden includes espaliered sasanqua camellias, a styled Japanese black pine, and a lovely red laceleaf maple.  The sound of the fountain creates a peaceful feeling.

Other features include a driveway of permeable pavers, veneer paving over both the front and back porches, lighting, a rock veneer placed over the existing stucco raised veggie bed, and a creative bamboo screening around the hot tub.


The gardens of Winifred and Frank Ghiglione, once designed around beds of roses and perennials, now follow a sinuous path among stones, fountains and a fantastic collection of Japanese maples.  The redesign was undertaken 7 years ago by consultant Dick Austin and designer Bill Castellon.

The back garden, a ‘hill and pond’ landscape of sorts, artfully provides both an intimate, forested setting for resting and a larger space for entertaining, from which can be viewed the whole of the garden.  APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner and current APA president Randall Lee creates the beautiful lines and light of the garden’s maples and other woody plants.

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