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Calendar for Aesthetic Pruning Events

Upcoming events

    • 03/26/2023
    • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Zoom
    • 43

    Please Join us for an APA Virtual Tree Talk


    Chris Roddick

    Tree Health, Biology, and Ecology, and the Effects of Pruning and Tree Care

    Sunday 3/26/23

    3:00pm - 5:00pm PDT

    This Talk will be on Zoom

    What is tree health? How do we assess it? This talk will cover the many ways trees respond biologically to pruning, transplanting, and other tree care practices. We'll also look at the role that ecology plays in the garden and how encouraging more biodiversity can promote better tree, garden, and personal health.

    Chris Roddick is an arborist, climber, and consultant and for close to 30 years the Head Arborist at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Chris now consults with landscape architects, designers, and private clients on mature tree preservation, tree risk and health assessments, specialized pruning, and tree protection in construction. He is the author of The Tree Care Primer a guide to care for young, mature, and veteran trees. His web-site is sweetbirchtree.com

    Tree Talks are $10 for APA members

    $5 for APA student members

    (APA members log into your account to receive discount)

    $25 for APA supporters (non-members)

    This talk will be recorded and the video will be available to APA members only on the APA Youtube channel

Past events

02/19/2023 New Professionals Meeting- Tools we love
11/20/2022 APA Tree Talk with Bill Castellon: Training Pines (4th session in Pine series)
10/16/2022 New Professionals Meeting- Ergonomics and Movement Dynamics for Pruners
09/25/2022 APA Tree Talk with Michael Alliger: "Notes on Aesthetics and Pruning"
07/24/2022 New Professionals Meeting- Scheduling & Invoicing Clients
06/12/2022 APA Tree Talk: Olive Pruning with APA CAP Eric King
04/10/2022 New Professionals Meeting- Regional Plant Palettes
02/20/2022 APA Tree Talk: Wabi of the Winter Silhouette with Yuki Nara
12/09/2021 APA monthly board meeting
11/14/2021 APA Tree Talk with Bill Castellon: Training Pines (3rd session in Pine series)
10/17/2021 New Professionals Meeting- Your Pruning Plan and Pruning for the Big Picture
10/14/2021 APA monthly board meeting
09/08/2021 APA monthly board meeting
08/12/2021 APA monthly board meeting
08/08/2021 APA Tree Talk with Katherine Randolph: "Wildfire Preparedness"
07/11/2021 APA Tree Talk with Jocelyn Cohen: The Art of Pruning California Natives
07/08/2021 APA monthly board meeting
06/10/2021 APA monthly board meeting
06/06/2021 New Professionals Meeting- Creative Solutions "Turning a problem into an opportunity in your business”
05/02/2021 APA Tree Talk with Maryann Lewis: Design in Trees
04/18/2021 Please Join Us- New Professionals Meeting- Building Your Pruning Business
03/14/2021 APA Tree Talk with Grant Foerster: A Look at Creativity
02/21/2021 Please Join Us- New Professionals Meeting- Client Relations
01/10/2021 APA Tree Talk:The Art of Fruit Tree Pruning with Wendy Krupnick
12/12/2020 APA Virtual Tree Talk: Bill Castellon- Training a Young Pine- Part 2
12/06/2020 APA New Professionals Meeting Sunday 12/6
10/04/2020 APA Virtual Tree Talk on the History of the Japanese Garden at Lake Merritt
09/27/2020 APA Social Hour
09/22/2020 APA New Professionals meeting
09/10/2020 APA monthly board meeting
08/26/2020 APA Social Hour
08/13/2020 APA monthly board meeting
07/09/2020 APA monthly board meeting
04/09/2020 APA monthly board meeting
03/12/2020 APA monthly board meeting
02/13/2020 APA monthly board meeting
01/26/2020 Annual APA Meeting
01/09/2020 APA monthly board meeting
12/12/2019 APA monthly board meeting
12/08/2019 APA New Professionals meeting
08/08/2019 APA monthly board meeting
07/28/2019 Sara Malone Tree Talk and Garden Tour featuring Dwarf Conifers
07/15/2019 New Professionals Meeting
07/11/2019 APA monthly board meeting
06/29/2019 Dennis' Garden Tree Walk
06/25/2019 New Professionals Meeting
06/20/2019 APA monthly board meeting
06/07/2019 Cal Sailing Club pruning pines
06/07/2019 Lake Merritt Japanese Garden - Maintenance
06/01/2019 Lakeside Park Torii Landscape (pruning, workshop)
05/30/2019 Tree Talk by Yuki Nara
05/18/2019 Berkeley Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple Garden pruning
05/18/2019 Shinzen Japanese Garden pruning - Fresno
05/14/2019 APA Tree Walk at Osmosis Day Spa and Sanctuary
04/27/2019 Business Bootcamp

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